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Here's how it works ...

You need high-quality video for your business. You need custom video. You need your video quickly. You need your video to be affordable. And you need an on-camera spokesperson to tell your business' story.

We solve your needs! We built a simple cloud-based platform for easily creating your affordable spokesperson video quickly and getting that video delivered fast. Click the Build Your Video button to get started now.


Speed and price both matter ...

Videos are the most effective way to communicate online ... whether on your website, in an email, and on social media or YouTube. VIDEOBOLT.COM makes video content creation easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes, as well as for individuals. Use your videos for marketing, branding, promotions, messaging, and advocacy.

Point-and-click your way to a custom-built video in just 7 easy steps. You choose everything that goes into your video, including the studio, graphics, and a professional spokesperson. You can even decide what your spokesperson will wear in your video. You'll receive your video in as little as one hour ... for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.


Spokespeople in every video ...

There are many video creation websites. Not to mention the countless production companies in your city. But what sets us apart is that we have dozens of professional spokespeople who you can choose for your video.

Person-to-person communication is the most effective way for businesses and organizations to share their message in video. People connect with people more than they do with text, images, or voiceovers.


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