Use our API platform to programmatically send production requests with a simple REST call.

The Spokesperson API

VIDEOBOLT.COM's API allows anyone to incorporate videos with professional spokespeople by creating a production request with a REST call (as a POST request). Just copy the code from our page on Rapid API in your programming language of choice to get started or download the SDK.



The Spokesperson API

VIDEOBOLT.COM is an online marketplace for spokesperson talent for videos that customers use online and on-air. When you select a spokesperson on VIDEOBOLT.COM, we record your video in our state-of-the-art studio in Jupiter, Florida. We shoot all videos on-site to ensure quality and consistency.

Our customers use VIDEOBOLT.COM for both business and media applications. Our low prices allow businesses of all sizes to use professional spokespeople in their videos. While we work with Fortune 500 companies, we also produce videos for mom-and-pop retailers and solo practitioner law firms.

Our API is for ordering a spokesperson video to use in your own post-production. We produce a video of a spokesperson delivering a script in front of a green or blue screen. If you need a completed video (with graphics, b-roll, etc.), you can use our web-based video builder at https://videobolt.com.

It is simple to get started. Use our API to send your script, along with your selection for the studio background (green or blue) and spokesperson (male or female). You will receive an MP4 file with your video recording in as little as one hour for each download into your application or production system.

API Overview

VIDEOBOLT.COM produces affordable videos with professional spokespeople. You can use our API to create production requests for spokesperson videos. Depending on how quickly you need your video, the cost will range from $99 (3-5 business days) to $299 (one hour) for a one-minute video. A similar video with a professional spokesperson would typically cost you more than $1,000 with a traditional provider (and usually more), with production often taking weeks to complete. You can choose to have a male or female spokesperson and a green or blue studio background (for adding your own background in post-production with chroma key). If you need full post-production of your spokesperson video, including graphics, b-roll, music, etc., please contact us at support@videobolt.com.

Spokesperson Video Benefits

There are many video creation websites. Not to mention the countless video production companies in your city. But what sets VIDEOBOLT.COM apart is that we have dozens of professional spokespeople who can host your video. Person-to-person communication is the most effective way for your business to share your message in a video. People connect with people more than they do with text, images, or voiceovers. Businesses can use spokespeople to share marketing messages, to host advertising campaigns, for direct sales videos, and for employee communications. Media companies can use our service to supplement their existing on-camera talent.

Video Parameters

In addition to sending a script for your video, you can make the following requests to customize your video:

Parameters Options
Spokesperson Female ("f") or Male ("m")
Background (for chroma key) Green ("g") or Blue ("b")
Wardrobe Business ("b"), Business Casual ("c"), or Relaxed ("r")
Camera Wide ("w"), Medium ("m"), or Close ("c")

Note: For one-hour and same-day recordings, we will try to accommodate gender requests, but we cannot guarantee that we will use the requested gender.

Production Process

When you create a new recording by sending a script to our API, the response includes a Video ID and a URL. The Video ID is a unique identifier for your video. You can use this Video ID if you need to reference the video with our support staff by email at support@videobolt.com. The URL is the link that you will use to download your video after production is complete. After you create a new recording, there will be a placeholder video at that URL (which will say "YOUR VIDEO IS IN PRODUCTION"). If you ordered a one-hour delivery, your spokesperson video will replace the placeholder video no later than one hour after your order.

Delivery Times

We produce videos during standard business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday, excluding recognized holidays).

Delivery Time Order By Receive Video
One Hour By 4 p.m. Eastern today Within one hour of the order
Same Day By 2 p.m. Eastern today By 5 p.m. Eastern on the same business day
1 Day By midnight Eastern today By 5 p.m. Eastern on the next business day
2 Days By midnight Eastern Today By 5 p.m. Eastern on the second business day
3-5 Days By midnight Eastern Today By 5 p.m. Eastern within three to five business days

Note: For one-hour and same-day recordings, we will try to accommodate gender requests, but we cannot guarantee that we will use the requested gender.

Use Cases

We have produced videos for thousands of businesses in many sectors. Here are ideas for your spokesperson video:

Sectors Uses
Media Produce more video content with on-camera talent
Businesses Use spokespeople for marketing, advertising, messaging, and internal communications
Organizations Communicate with members through video
Agencies Enhance your in-house productions with high-quality, low-cost spokespeople
Pricing Plans

All videos include up to 1,000 characters of text, which is approximately one minute long (with an average spokesperson read speed of 16.5 characters per second). If you require a longer video, please contact support@videobolt.com. Video pricing is based on how quickly you need to receive your completed video.

Delivery Time Price
One Hour $299
Same Day $249
1 Day $199
2 Days $149
3-5 Days $99