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Broadcast media veterans Brian Albert and Corey Saban founded VIDEOBOLT.COM to help businesses and organizations of all sizes reach new customers online with affordable spokesperson video.

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We started in 2009 by producing FAQ videos for lawyers. A few years later, we expanded to other professions, and then we added news-style and introductory videos. But even after producing more than 200,000 videos for thousands of businesses, and helping our clients reach new customers and generate new revenue online, we wanted to make it even easier and more affordable for businesses to create online videos. So we built our patent-pending platform, which is the only low-cost option for businesses to quickly build short-form videos with professional spokespeople.

We are your


VIDEOBOLT.COM provides value for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, we are the studio that you always wanted, but could not afford to have in-house. We allow you to produce videos with professional spokespeople and custom graphics at a price that will not break your bank. We allow you to compete with companies that have a much larger budget. For large businesses, including media companies, we are the extra studio that you sometimes need, but do not have. We are the team of on-camera talent that you do not need full-time, but that will help to set you apart.

It has never been easier to order a


Our cloud-based, patent-pending video builder allows you to choose every element of your video without going into a studio. Even if you've never created video content, the process will be quick and easy. Anyone who's ever sent an invitation on Evite, built a website on Wix, or sold something on Ebay will feel at home on VIDEOBOLT.COM. If that's too much for you, it's even easier with our Build It For Me service or by choosing one of our pre-built templates.

Meet Our Spokespeople

We have more than 50 talented spokespeople who you can choose to host your custom video.

Our diverse team of on-camera talent can help bring your company's story to life. Most of our spokespeople are experienced on-air news anchors and reporters who know how to tell your business' story in a compelling way.