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We're giving away $1,000,000 worth of videos to America's small businesses

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To make it easier for small businesses that have been impacted by the shutdown, we're giving away 2,000 videos that you can use to help re-build and re-engage.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about our free video offer.

Who is eligible for a free video?

Small businesses that are impacted by the Coronavirus shutdown are eligible for a free video. There is a limit of one video per company/brand because we want to help as many businesses as possible.

What type of video will I get?

Your free video can be up to one-minute long and will include a professional spokesperson. You can choose any of our 50+ video styles. The color scheme will match the branding of your business.

How do I build my video?

If you are eligible for a free video, you will login to our simple web-based video dashboard to build your video. You point-and-click to make your selections and then add your script. It takes minutes!

When will I get my video?

In order to provide a free video to as many businesses as possible, we are staggering the delivery of these videos over a one-year period on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apply now to get ahead!

How can I use my video?

You can use your free video on your website, social media pages, online store, YouTube channel, or email marketing campaigns. Videos make all of your existing marketing channels more effective.

Are there content restrictions?

VIDEOBOLT.COM reserves the right to decline the free video order to businesses that provide products or services that violate our terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to modify a script.

Can I choose the spokesperson?

You can choose a male or female spokesperson and we will select one who can effectively convey your company's message. You will not be able to select a specific spokesperson for your free video.

Will you host the video for me?

You can upload your video to YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook for free. You can also upload your video to a paid Vimeo or Wistia account. If you need hosting, we offer an easy option for $25 per video.

Do you provide technical support?

Due to the overwhelming response to this offer and the number of free videos that we are producing, we cannot provide technical support. You can access our web-based resources and self-help videos.

What if my business is not small?

If your business is not small and you are interested in our video product, please contact us at to discuss our current discounts for businesses affected by the Coronavirus shutdown.

Can an agency use this offer to create videos for its clients?

No. While a small agency may qualify to get a free video for itself, we will not allow agencies to create free videos for their clients. All videos must be ordered directly by the small business featured in the video.