Automated Home Showcase Videos

A custom video for every single home listing – in just 8 minutes

Douglas Elliman needed consistent on-brand home showcase videos across all of its listings nationwide (tens of thousands of listings every year), with a near-instant delivery time. Before turning to VIDEOBOLT.COM, Douglas Elliman agents used multiple regional video providers for home showcase videos, with wide variations in the design of the videos and long lead times for production.


VIDEOBOLT.COM built a custom automated platform for Douglas Elliman agents to order Douglas Elliman-branded videos that they receive in less than 10 minutes. Douglas Elliman agents use a simple web-based form that is pre-populated with data and images from a listing API. They have completed creative control over the headline and other text-based content, as well as the selection and order of the photos. VIDEOBOLT.COM delivers a branded and unbranded MP4 file, as well as a hosted landing page, and video embed code ... just 8 minutes after form submission, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


For the first time, Douglas Elliman has an easy-to-use platform for producing brand-consistent videos across 100 percent of its listings. Douglas Elliman agents are also using the platform to auto-generate videos to announce open houses, price adjustments, and recent sales. They are using the videos on Douglas Elliman's website, as well as across social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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