Personalized Sales Outreach Videos

Get the attention of your prospects with video

iPublish Media Solutions distributes a Facebook Targeted Obituary project to hundreds of newspapers nationwide. iPublish needed to provide each of its newspaper partners with a video that the newspaper could use to market and sell the product locally. The video needed to have each newspaper's branding and contact information, but the same messaging.


VIDEOBOLT.COM produced a base template video and a custom data-driven video platform. When iPublish wants to generate a new personalized video for one of its media partners, an iPublish employee uses a simple web-based form to provide the newspaper's logo and contact information. VIDEOBOLT.COM then automatically generates a personalized video for the newspaper and sends the file to iPublish in less than 10 minutes.


iPublish's newspaper partners can now use video to drive higher engagement for their Facebook Targeted Obituaries without having to invest in their own video sales collateral. In addition, iPublish secured additional goodwill from its existing partners by providing them with a personalized sales video at no additional cost and without having to invest resources.

Kim Safran

Vice President of Sales
VIDEOBOLT.COM is making video personalization affordable and easy, which drives engagement and sales. Easily the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I'm so glad we're partners.