What is a Data-Driven Video?

Most businesses produce one video that they deliver to their entire audience.

But sometimes you want everyone to receive a different video ... with content that is personalized just for them ... based on content from a database.

That’s a data-driven video ... and it will change how your business communicates.

Personalized videos get:

- 5 times the click-through-rate
- 4 times brand recall
- And 2 times engagement

The content can come from any source ... such as a database, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet. It can be as simple as adding the customer’s name to the video ... and as complex as building a completely custom video from start-to-finish with a different voiceover, graphics, images, and messaging.

You can use data-driven videos anywhere that you do one-to-one communication with your audience, such as in email marketing or on custom landing pages.

Data-driven videos are also great for automating the production of large numbers of videos from a product catalog, a collection of homes, or a list of services.

Every data-driven video product is custom-built ... so there’s no limit to the number of ways you can use it.