What is search engine optimation?

Search engine optimization ... or S-E-O.

You’ve likely heard this term many times if you do any kind of online marketing for your business ... because it’s one of the most effective ways of growing your traffic online without spending big on paid advertising.

S-E-O is the practice of increasing the number of people who visit your website ... and the quality of people who visit your website ... by appearing in the unpaid — or organic — results of search engines like Google.

Your website’s position on Google isn’t all up to chance ... or the famed Google algorithm.

There are things you can do to improve your website’s organic position, such as:

- Building an SEO-friendly website
- Populating your website with relevant content
- And maintaining an authoritative website that others will link to

As part of your website’s content strategy, it’s increasingly important to provide original video content on a regular basis.

Your video content will help to keep people on your website longer and improve your conversion rate.

This all adds up to more potential revenue for your business!