What should I do with my videos?

You already know that your business needs video to succeed online.

But producing videos are just half of the equation. You need to use the videos effectively to get a return.

Where you use your videos depends on your type of business, the kind of video, your goals for the video, and how you are already communicating with your audience.

Let’s start with social media.

Most B-to-C businesses use their videos on Facebook and Instagram. B-to-B business use their videos on LinkedIn. You’ll first need to build and nurture your followers on these platforms.

Next ... your website, landing pages, and e-commerce sites.You can use your videos in all of these places to improve engagement and conversion. It’s easy to add your video’s embed code to most website platforms with a simple copy-and-paste.You can also use your videos in email marketing campaigns to get more opens and clicks.

And, of course, post your videos to YouTube. It’s the world’s largest video website! Even if YouTube isn’t driving a lot of traffic to your business, it’s a free hosting platform that makes online video easy for everyone.