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Case Study: GMS Group's Financial Communication Shift


In the dynamic landscape of tax-free municipal bond investments, GMS Group's ambitious endeavor to amplify client communication through videos found a strategic partner in VIDEOBOLT.COM. This case study dives deep into how VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative solutions reshaped GMS Group's client engagement, driving increased satisfaction and business growth.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

Championing the cause of bespoke video solutions, VIDEOBOLT.COM tailors industry-specific AI video platforms for diverse sectors, ensuring a harmonious amalgamation with clients' marketing and communication matrix. We envisage a world where video communication transcends generic paradigms.

Customer Profile: GMS Group

A stalwart in tax-free municipal bond investments for four decades, GMS Group has firmly established its reputation in curating investment solutions tailored for High-Net-Worth investors. The firm's expertise in the municipal bond domain is synonymous with precision, trust, and client-centricity.


With an ambition to revolutionize client communication, GMS Group envisioned launching two distinct video series. However, the roadblocks were evident. High costs, intricate compliance matrices, and the pressing need for swift video production posed significant challenges. Their objective was clear - videos with a rapid turnaround time, without compromising quality and compliance.


Understanding the unique needs of GMS Group, VIDEOBOLT.COM curated an automated, data-centric video platform. It melded pre-recorded segments with AI-infused graphics, voiceovers, and b-roll, translating GMS Group's morning insights into crisp videos by the day's start.

Daily Featured Bond Videos:

- Forms to input bond specifics.
- Instantaneous fusion of AI-generated content with pre-shot segments.
- Delivery ensured within a mere five minutes post data input.
- A medley of spokespersons for visual diversity.

Weekly Mini News Videos:

- Submission platforms for the week's top three stories.
- AI-fueled script creation with matching synthetic voiceover.
- Automated b-roll and graphic overlay inclusions.
- Delivery streamlined to be under ten minutes.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative solutions thrust GMS Group into the limelight, allowing them to overshadow their peers. The outcomes were tangible:

- Establishment as a technologically advanced brokerage in their sector.
- Swift onboarding of new clientele, covering platform costs.
- Elevated client experience augmented by diverse, value-rich content.

GMS Group, powered by VIDEOBOLT.COM's solutions, showcased the perfect blend of educational content minus the overt advertising, reinforcing client trust.


GMS Group's association with VIDEOBOLT.COM is a testament to how bespoke video solutions can transform business communication. With swift, economical, and top-tier video production at its helm, GMS Group not only strengthened its market positioning but also deepened its client rapport. VIDEOBOLT.COM's seamless and AI-enhanced offerings aptly addressed GMS Group's challenges, solidifying its prominence in the municipal bond sector.

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