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Brian Albert founded VIDEOBOLT.COM, a revolutionary enterprise in the video production domain. Originally known as THELAW.TV, its inception in 2009 marked the culmination of Brian’s diverse experiences as a lawyer and television news reporter in New York and Florida. The initial concept was to facilitate law firms in connecting with potential clients through educational marketing, at a time when video content was a luxury due to the associated high costs, complexities, and time requirements. Video content was largely the preserve of affluent law firms with expansive budgets, but Brian envisioned a platform that would democratize video access for all legal practitioners, with a special focus on educational content. Over thirteen years, the company produced over 250,000 FAQ videos for numerous law firms across the nation, offering high-quality, affordable content delivered days after filming, largely benefiting solo practitioners and smaller firms.

The meticulously crafted FAQ videos were educational and showcased law firms in a manner beneficial to potential clients. The content followed rigorous compliance standards and was disseminated through various online channels, including YouTube, legal directories, and social media pages. The initiative swiftly evolved, making THELAW.TV a colossal repository for legal information videos. In 2013, the venture expanded to produce “Legal Minute” videos, news-style content discussing pertinent legal issues, designed to bolster the brand’s visibility. Recognizing the demand for similar products in different industries, and to accommodate diverse business needs, the brand was further diversified into NEWSTATION.COM.

The transformation allowed the incorporation of non-legal entities such as hospitals, software companies, realtors, community non-profits, and country clubs, broadening the utility of the videos beyond client education to sales, outreach, advocacy, messaging, and advertising. The evolution was marked by the incorporation of technology to streamline and automate production processes, reinforcing the brand’s identity as a technology company producing videos. In 2017, the introduction of the web-based platform VIDEOBOLT.COM marked a pivotal point for the company, offering unprecedented customizability, affordability, and speed in video production, reducing production budgets to a fraction of the typical costs and achieving delivery times as low as one hour. VIDEOBOLT.COM was developed as a versatile platform catering to varied customer needs, allowing them to either independently create content or delegate the creation process to the company. The platform's compatibility with third-party marketing tools and adaptability for companies with specific, recurring needs broadened its reach across industries. The following years saw extensive enhancements, integrations with AI for content creation, and diversifications, including platforms for real estate and data-driven videos in fields like finance and franchising, delivering over 100,000 home listing videos to realtors nationwide.

To leverage the growing demand in 2022, a specialized platform was developed to assist media companies in selling videos to their advertisers, fulfilling the infrastructural needs of various media entities, including television and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. The partnership in 2023 with the Local Media Consortium augmented this service, offering industry-best rates and expanding product range to include award videos, tutorial content videos, and branded content video series.

The integration of AI in services offered unique opportunities, enabling automated script writing, video editing, and synthetic voice, providing clients with faster and more affordable options. The use of synthetic voices allowed the provision of videos at lower price points and faster delivery times, exploring untapped possibilities in video content creation. The continual growth of VIDEOBOLT.COM focuses on industries like media, real estate, finance, legal, and franchising, while the THELAW.TV remains the dedicated brand for legal industry products.

As the future unfurls, the venture continues to coalesce around the VIDEOBOLT.COM brand, anticipating unprecedented growth and exploring new horizons in the video content domain, striving to power the diverse video needs of businesses and helping them achieve unparalleled success through innovative video solutions.

We began as THELAW.TV, creating the FAQ video concept for the legal profession and changing how lawyers attract new clients with online videos

After starting in Florida, we began to provide our services to lawyers nationwide, eventually producing videos for more than 5,000 firms nationwide

To accelerate out growth, we partnered with local TV stations as sales channel partners and provided them with a high-margin legal ad product

We started to produce daily news-style videos on timely legal issues, as a valued-added service to help drive viewers our legal FAQ videos

Businesses in other fields took notice of our "Legal Minute" videos and we responded by creating a Video Blog product for all industries

We built a proprietary video production platform that streamlines the process, lowers the cost-per-video for our customers, and speeds up delivery

Our advances in auto-generated videos allowed our customers to output videos by the thousands based on information and assets provided in a data feed

We built a platform that made it easy for real estate agents to create home listing videos that they receive minutes after completing a simple form

Our new video creator platform for media companies provides revenue-generating video solutions to TV and radio stations, newspapers, and online publications