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Case Study: Kopplin Kuebler's Recruitment Strategy Redesign


In the intricate world of private club executive recruitment, the first impression is paramount. Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace (KKW), a renowned recruiting firm, recognized the potential of videos to revamp their executive placement services, leading to their partnership with VIDEOBOLT.COM. This case study explores how VIDEOBOLT.COM’s tailor-made video solutions supercharged KKW's recruitment process.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM stands at the forefront of the video creation industry, offering specialized AI-driven platforms for various sectors. These platforms, adaptable and aligned to each customer's distinct needs, aim to redefine video communication by going beyond generic solutions.

Customer Profile: Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace

Acclaimed as the "Best Search Firm of the Year" since 2006, Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace (KKW) dominates the private club recruitment space. Beyond executive search, their expertise extends to top-notch consulting services, with their Board Dynamics Model captivating over 1000 private clubs and communities. They are recognized not just for their unparalleled service but also for their transparent and timely communication.


As KKW aimed to reach a broader and more qualified talent pool, they identified a need to rejuvenate their communication strategy. Email and website listings, though traditional, lacked the spark to engage top-tier candidates. In 2016, the realization dawned that video listings could not only magnify their outreach but also showcase the aesthetics of their elite clientele, primarily luxurious country and golf clubs. However, with no in-house video production capabilities, the challenges were evident: affordability, a swift turnaround, and the essential human touch.


Enter VIDEOBOLT.COM. A bespoke video platform was conceived for KKW, designed to produce captivating job listing videos at an impressive speed. Merging the elegance of on-camera spokespersons with the splendor of club b-roll footage, these videos became the epitome of luxury recruitment communication. The streamlined process involved KKW forwarding job listings, which VIDEOBOLT.COM transformed into engaging one-minute scripts. Upon KKW's nod, these scripts metamorphosed into compelling videos within two days. Catering to KKW's British expansion, local British talent was incorporated, ensuring authentic resonance with the target audience.


With over 800 custom job listing videos to its credit, VIDEOBOLT.COM's collaboration with KKW has been nothing short of revolutionary. This unique approach provided KKW a competitive edge, presenting their listings in a visually enchanting manner, a stark contrast to competitors' traditional methods. The tangible outcomes were evident: a surge in the number and quality of applicants, ensuring KKW's clientele secured top-notch talent. Through these videos, KKW has carved a niche, redefining the modus operandi of executive search firms.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative video solutions have seamlessly intertwined with Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace's commitment to excellence, reimagining the recruitment communication paradigm. By augmenting KKW's outreach and reinforcing its brand identity, VIDEOBOLT.COM has showcased the transformative power of tailored video communication in the executive search domain.

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