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Case Study: Allstate Agents' Client Engagement Boost


In today's digital age, video content stands paramount in ensuring effective communication. Recognizing this, the National Association of Allstate Agents (NAPAA) sought a versatile video solution that offered localized, educational content to enhance client outreach for its independent agents. This case study delves into how VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative solutions transformed NAPAA's client communication strategy.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is at the forefront of revolutionizing video content creation, offering tailored AI video creation platforms for various industries. These platforms are not just generic but are intricately designed to sync with each client's marketing and communication frameworks, marking a significant shift from the traditional video platforms.

Customer Profile: National Association of Allstate Agents (NAPAA)

Established in 1990, the National Association of Allstate Agents, Inc. is a cornerstone for Allstate agents aiming for a professional association. By prioritizing transparency, fairness, and customer value, NAPAA assures clients of unparalleled service quality. Its primary vision is to bolster the success of Allstate Exclusive Agency Owners while championing their entrepreneurial independence.


NAPAA's role extends beyond agent representation—it offers a pivotal Member Benefits program, ensuring advantageous deals with vendors for its members. In 2018, an evident gap emerged: the lack of localized video marketing tools for the independent Allstate agents. The agents, constrained by their budgets, needed localized videos to fortify their outreach. NAPAA envisioned a monthly video series that resonated with the vast geographical and demographic spread of their agents. This series aimed to harmonize with their blogs and optimize social media presence. Their in-house limitations made it imperative to seek an external vendor for this venture.


Understanding the nuanced needs of NAPAA, VIDEOBOLT.COM developed a retail video solution. Collaborating with NAPAA's leaders ensured the content's relevance. For an annual subscription of just $199, agents could access 12 customized videos. Our advanced automated platform added a personal touch to each video by integrating local office details. Each month, this comprehensive package, covering diverse insurance topics, was dispatched to the agents, making their mark on websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns.


For many Allstate agents previously sidelined due to budgetary constraints, this solution was a game-changer. The foray into video marketing amplified their social media traction, witnessing marked growth in engagement and followers. The transformative power of video became evident, leading many to diversify their video marketing strategies. This marked the dawn of a new era where agents no longer relied on mundane text-based posts but harnessed the allure of dynamic video content.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's tailored solutions have heralded a new phase in NAPAA's client outreach strategy. With personalized video content, Allstate agents have not just modernized their marketing but have set a precedent in effective client communication. As aptly put by Ted Paris, Executive Director, "Video is the most powerful way to communicate online. With custom and affordable videos from VIDEOBOLT.COM, NAPAA members can easily and effectively promote their practices on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Now, it takes just one click!”

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