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Case Study: Kickstarting Digital News Coverage for Rosebud Media


In the evolving landscape of digital media, Rosebud Media aimed to provide timely video news coverage for their audience without delays linked to infrastructure and staffing. Leveraging VIDEOBOLT.COM's cutting-edge platform, Rosebud Media achieved their goal, accelerating their news coverage timeline, and enhancing their online presence.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM stands at the forefront of the digital revolution by offering industry-specific AI video creation platforms tailored for a broad spectrum of sectors, from Media to Real Estate. These platforms, crafted with precision, enable businesses to streamline and enhance their marketing and communication processes, breaking away from generic video platforms.

Customer Profile: Rosebud Media

Rosebud Media, rooted in Medford, Oregon, is a multi-dimensional local media entity, owning revered platforms like the Mail Tribune Newspaper and These platforms serve as the primary local news and information channels for Medford and neighboring regions.


Rosebud Media, with the ambition to revitalize its digital news coverage, envisioned launching twice-daily video news recaps on their platforms. However, the imminent roadblocks of constructing an in-house video studio and onboarding the right talent threatened to delay this initiative by six months or more. A swift solution was essential to kickstart the video news project without awaiting the infrastructure and staffing completions.


VIDEOBOLT.COM emerged as the perfect accomplice for Rosebud's digital transformation journey. Utilizing the Video Builder platform, Rosebud Media staff could promptly submit news scripts, select their desired studio backgrounds, on-camera talent, and wardrobe styles. Within a mere hour, a polished, broadcast-ready video was in their hands. Featuring professional news anchors, tailored motion graphics, and pertinent b-roll, these videos catered to the timely demands of breaking news. Consistency was maintained by featuring the same news anchor, aligning with Rosebud's vision to foster audience rapport.


Bill Carey, a media consultant instrumental in amalgamating VIDEOBOLT.COM with Rosebud Media, remarked, “VIDEOBOLT.COM is like our Studio B. It's an invaluable asset, capacitating any media organization to ramp up video content generation swiftly, easily, and economically.” The alliance with VIDEOBOLT.COM enabled Rosebud Media to leap ahead, initiating their video news segments well ahead of their original timeline, thereby also opening avenues for video advertising revenues. The geographical divide, with VIDEOBOLT.COM based in Florida, did not hinder the seamless collaboration, proving the platform's efficacy and adaptability.


Rosebud Media's collaboration with VIDEOBOLT.COM underscores the power of strategic partnerships in the digital age. By leveraging VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative platform, Rosebud Media not only overcame logistical challenges but also positioned itself as a pioneer in timely digital news coverage, enhancing its credibility and audience engagement. This venture serves as a beacon for other media entities striving to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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