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Case Study: Effectv's Digital Sales Strategy Overhaul


This study explores how VIDEOBOLT.COM redefined Effectv's advertising sales approach by providing an accessible, swift, and cost-effective commercial video production solution. By addressing the challenges small businesses face when considering cable TV advertising, we've made it possible for Effectv to reach a broader range of clients, transforming their revenue potential.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is at the forefront of AI-driven video creation platforms, designing customized solutions tailored to various industries, from Media and Finance to Healthcare and Real Estate. By moving beyond generic platforms, our focus lies in crafting platforms that resonate with specific industry needs and effortlessly integrate with clients' marketing and communication avenues.

Customer Profile: Effectv

A division of the Comcast conglomerate, Effectv is a dynamic audience delivery enterprise headquartered in NYC. They harness first-party data to curate precise advertising campaigns for a diversified audience across linear TV, streaming, and video on demand. As an extension, they also offer the prowess of their in-house creative agency, Mnemonic. Effectv boasts a robust presence across 60+ markets, influencing approximately 96 million U.S. adults.


Effectv's challenge was threefold: many potential advertisers lacked the necessary video commercials to purchase airtime; their in-house agency was catered for high-budget commercials, sidelining smaller businesses; and a traditional commercial production process was time-consuming, often taking 2-3 months. This sluggish approach hindered businesses who were eager to air their commercials without lengthy delays. Further complicating matters, many businesses sought flexible advertising content tailored to seasons or sales, which was difficult given the budget and turnaround constraints.


Venturing first into Effectv’s Florida region, we curated a custom video advertising creation platform. These videos, retail priced under $1,000, boasted a remarkable 3-5 business day turnaround time. With the creation of a user-friendly web-based form, Effectv's sales representatives could quickly outline the commercial's requirements. Within a day, our team would script the content, source professional on-camera talent or voiceover artists as desired, and combine these elements with brand-aligned graphics and relevant b-roll footage. Our streamlined approach ensured that commercials were directly uploaded to Effectv's advertising traffic system, primed for broadcast upon final approval.


Our bespoke solution revolutionized Effectv's approach to TV advertising. Firstly, it democratized advertising by offering an affordable avenue for smaller businesses. Secondly, our quick turnaround ensured commercials hit the screens promptly, enabling Effectv to bill clients sooner. Thirdly, the adaptability of our platform allowed for the creation of seasonal or sale-specific commercials, amplifying its appeal to a wider audience. By bridging the gap between production capabilities and business needs, we confirmed that making video creation more accessible can significantly broaden the scope of cable television advertising clientele.


VIDEOBOLT.COM’s partnership with Effectv epitomizes the transformational potential of customized video solutions. We've facilitated Effectv in unlocking a previously untapped segment of advertisers, thereby diversifying their revenue streams. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve with OTT and CTV, our adaptable solution ensures that cable TV providers remain relevant, catering to businesses of all scales, irrespective of their commercial production budgets.

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