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Case Study: Sumitomo Tires' Consumer Engagement Boost


This case study explores how VIDEOBOLT.COM provided innovative and customized video solutions to Sumitomo Tires, a global leader in the tire manufacturing industry. Sumitomo Tires faced significant challenges during the Covid lockdown, aiming to produce a series of 75 educational videos on a constrained budget and within a tight timeline. VIDEOBOLT.COM leveraged its industry-specific AI video creation platforms and a blend of automated and traditional production methods to deliver high-quality, informative videos, subsequently aiding Sumitomo Tires in enhancing its brand awareness and consumer education.


VIDEOBOLT.COM specializes in the creation of industry-specific AI video creation platforms designed to meet the varied needs of sectors including Media, Finance, Hospitality, Legal, Recruiting, Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Real Estate. By extending beyond conventional video platforms, VIDEOBOLT.COM strives to provide each customer with solutions customized to their unique marketing and communication processes.

Company Background:

Sumitomo Tires is the premium export brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., known globally for its innovative design, precision engineering, and superior quality. It competes on the basis of product value and real-world performance, offering unmatched value by blending traditional values with the possibilities of the future.

The Problem:

Sumitomo Tires aspired to create a series of educational videos to address the 75 most commonly asked questions about their products and tires in general. The constraints of the Covid lockdown, reduced commercial production staff, the inability to conduct on-site shoots, and strict budget limitations posed significant challenges, necessitating the entire project's outsourcing, including video writing. They required the videos to feature on-camera spokespeople and motion graphics branding elements, and the completion of the project was time-sensitive.

Our Solution:

VIDEOBOLT.COM combined automated and traditional production processes to expedite and economize project delivery. Following a company-specific style guide provided by Sumitomo, we scripted all 75 videos, maintained a diverse group of on-camera spokespeople, and shot all segments in a Covid-safe environment at our studio. We effectively matched the motion graphics to Sumitomo’s prior series and utilized a mix of provided and stock b-roll. We were able to meet the budgetary and time requirements, delivering all videos within thirty days.


Despite the limitations of the pandemic, Sumitomo significantly enhanced its video content, offering enriched learning resources about tires to customers. These videos, focused on educational marketing, heightened brand awareness and offered value to viewers in a non-promotional format, steering clear of referencing specific Sumitomo products.


Through VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative and customized solutions, Sumitomo Tires successfully broadened its educational marketing outreach, elevating brand awareness and delivering valuable insights to its customers. This underscores the transformative power of professionally tailored video solutions in enhancing consumer education in the tire industry.

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