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Case Study: Midland Reporter-Telegram's Video Revenue Evolution


Embracing the transformative power of video marketing, Midland Reporter-Telegram sought a versatile, instant, and economical solution to promote their prestigious annual Reader’s Choice program. This study delves into how VIDEOBOLT.COM’s pioneering solutions facilitated this endeavor, driving an innovative revenue stream and robust brand promotion.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM pioneers in offering specialized AI video creation platforms across a spectrum of industries. Customizing each platform to harmonize with a client's unique marketing and communication needs, VIDEOBOLT.COM transcends the confines of conventional video solutions, heralding a new age in content creation.

Customer Profile: Midland Reporter-Telegram

Situated in West Texas's oil-rich Permian Basin, the Midland Reporter-Telegram has been the region's trusted voice for decades. Commanding a readership of over 84,000, the Midland Reporter-Telegram offers a deep dive into local happenings, curated by an elite team of columnists. A part of the Hearst Newspapers family, the Midland Reporter-Telegram is a vital conduit for businesses aiming to tap into the region's consumer base.


The Midland Reporter-Telegram's esteemed annual Reader’s Choice program was a cornerstone in promoting local businesses. However, the promotional strategy needed an upgrade. While the Midland Reporter-Telegram celebrated winners with a glossy magazine, they envisioned a complementary video marketing approach to enhance their digital footprint. The envisioned videos, encouraging voting and celebrating victories, were intended for widespread social media usage. Lacking in-house production capabilities and working on a tight budget, the Midland Reporter-Telegram sought a partner who could provide an economical, yet effective, solution.


VIDEOBOLT.COM sculpted a dual-video solution for the Midland Reporter-Telegram - a “Vote for Us” video and a celebratory “We Won” video. Our AI-powered platform enabled the Midland Reporter-Telegram staff to effortlessly input business details and images. Within mere minutes post-submission, a square aspect ratio video—ideal for social media—was rendered. This video, meshing the Midland Reporter-Telegram’s branding with the award's prestige, was elevated with an AI-generated script and a synthetic voiceover, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


VIDEOBOLT.COM’s solution unlocked a revenue avenue that the Midland Reporter-Telegram hadn’t explored previously. Over 100 businesses availed of this unique video offering, marking nearly universal adoption amongst nominees and winners. Not only did this bolster the Midland Reporter-Telegram’s revenue with a high-profit margin, but it also amplified their brand visibility as businesses shared these videos. In essence, every share promoted not just the business but also the Midland Reporter-Telegram and its Reader’s Choice program.


The Midland Reporter-Telegram's collaboration with VIDEOBOLT.COM is a testament to the boundless possibilities of innovative video marketing solutions. By enabling local newspapers like the Midland Reporter-Telegram to swiftly generate revenue with minimal investment, VIDEOBOLT.COM has showcased how traditional media can harness modern technology for business growth and brand proliferation.

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