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Case Study: MetroCorp Media “Best Of” Video Product


In the realm of magazine publications, MetroCorp Media is distinguished for its "Best Of” designations. Seeking to amplify their branding and provide award recipients with memorable recognition content, MetroCorp Media envisioned an effective video recognition solution. This study explores how VIDEOBOLT.COM innovatively addressed MetroCorp Media's specific needs, creating a win-win scenario.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is a pioneer in crafting industry-specific AI video creation platforms. Catering to a multitude of sectors, from Media to Real Estate, the platform designs are customized to match every customer's unique requirements, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate them into their marketing and communication strategies.

Customer Profile: MetroCorp Inc.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Metrocorp Inc. stands as a reputable media organization known for its lifestyle magazines in the U.S. MetroCorp Media, part of Metrocorp Inc., publishes iconic titles such as Boston Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine. City/Studio, the creative arm of MetroCorp Media, has been a testament to their regional expertise, known for their content-rich and impactful "Best of Boston" and "Best of Philly" franchises.


MetroCorp Media's annual “Best of Boston” and “Best of Philly” issues recognize over a hundred top-tier businesses. A coveted award, these distinctions provide businesses with the chance to obtain promotional content. MetroCorp Media aimed to provide award-winning businesses with tailored recognition videos that matched the magazines’ prestigious branding. However, lacking in-house capabilities and seeking cost-effective, swift production, they were in need of a reliable solution.


VIDEOBOLT.COM rose to the occasion by developing a tailored award video platform exclusively for MetroCorp Media. Through an intuitive dashboard, MetroCorp Media’s sales executives could place video orders swiftly. By entering essential business details and uploading images, VIDEOBOLT.COM’s team curated compelling scripts which were then sent for review and approval. Employing human voiceovers and ensuring branding consistency, the videos were edited and readied for optimal social media engagement, all within a 3-day turnaround post script approval. VIDEOBOLT.COM’s innovative back-end production techniques enabled significant cost savings, offering MetroCorp Media lucrative margins on the videos.


MetroCorp Media, with VIDEOBOLT.COM’s unparalleled solution, successfully marketed dozens of award-recognition videos, bolstering their revenue stream without necessitating internal investments or resources. Beyond merely enabling MetroCorp Media to provide "Best Of" videos, VIDEOBOLT.COM's solution has become a foundational element in MetroCorp Media's expanding video content offerings, cementing videos as a vital revenue source.


MetroCorp Media's collaboration with VIDEOBOLT.COM accentuates the transformative power of custom video solutions in magnifying brand identity and driving revenue. By harnessing VIDEOBOLT.COM's expertise, MetroCorp Media not only expanded its product portfolio but also elevated its brand recognition, cementing its reputation as a leader in the media industry. The venture underscores the symbiotic potential of partnerships in the modern media landscape.

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