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Case Study: The Florida Bar's Communication Enhancement


This case study delves into how VIDEOBOLT.COM revolutionized The Florida Bar’s communication strategy, shifting from traditional newspaper outreach to dynamic video content. The transformation not only improved member engagement but also positioned The Florida Bar as a forward-thinking organization in the realm of professional communication.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM stands as an leader in the realm of AI-driven video creation platforms, crafting bespoke solutions for diverse industries, including Finance, Media, Healthcare, and more. Our platforms are fine-tuned for each client, ensuring a seamless integration with their unique marketing and communication objectives. We champion the move from generic video platforms to tailored, industry-specific solutions.

Customer Profile: The Florida Bar

Guarding the sanctity of legal professionalism in Florida, The Florida Bar is the centralized organization for all Supreme Court-licensed lawyers in the state. With a robust membership of 111,000, the Bar shoulders responsibilities that range from regulating legal practice in Florida to prosecuting unethical attorneys and safeguarding the public from unauthorized law practices.


Amidst a technological transition, The Florida Bar faced a challenge. Although they had been distributing their bi-monthly newspaper, The Florida Bar News, both in print and digitally, member engagement with the digital version was dwindling. To reinvigorate their digital outreach, they envisioned Florida Bar News TV, a video series encapsulating the essence of their written content. But with no in-house video capabilities and a tight turnaround requirement, they needed an efficient, cost-effective solution.


VIDEOBOLT.COM crafted a rapid, streamlined production process tailored to the Bar's needs. On receiving the selected articles, we quickly transformed them into scripts, which, post-Bar’s approval, were shot with professional news anchors in our studio. Incorporating elements like text-based graphics, b-roll, and custom animations aligned with the Bar’s branding, the videos mirrored professional newscasts. This turnkey solution not only ensured videos were delivered within a day but also fit the Bar’s budget. After the inaugural year, the Bar even secured an underwriting sponsor, offsetting the video production expenses. We utilized diverse news anchors, aligning with the Bar's goal for demographic representation.


Across a productive four-year collaboration, VIDEOBOLT.COM produced over 200 editions of Florida Bar News TV. These videos remarkably boosted the digital engagement of members, especially on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, where they outperformed traditional content formats. The enhanced exposure, especially amongst younger members, reinforced the Bar’s esteemed image and accentuated key achievements and pressing issues in the legal realm. The video series not only improved member communications but also attracted sponsors, ensuring a budget-neutral strategy for the Bar. The pioneering approach set The Florida Bar as a benchmark in professional association communication.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's collaboration with The Florida Bar epitomizes the transformative power of tailored video solutions. By pivoting from traditional newspaper content to engaging video segments, The Florida Bar elevated its communication strategy, resonated with a wider audience, and bolstered its stature among professional organizations, all while maintaining fiscal prudence.

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