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Case Study: LeadHax's Sales Strategy Transformation


This case study showcases how VIDEOBOLT.COM successfully transformed the open house listings approach of LeadHax, a California Bay Area-based digital advertising platform for real estate agents, by introducing an instantaneous, automated video production system that integrated seamlessly with their existing platform.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is a leading innovator in the realm of AI video creation platforms, tailored for diverse industries from Media and Real Estate to Healthcare. Our unique platforms, customizable for each client, intertwine effortlessly with marketing and communication processes, moving beyond the constraints of generic video platforms.

Customer Profile: LeadHax

A service of the Bay Area News Group, LeadHax is a robust digital self-serve platform designed for real estate agents operating in the California Bay Area. Specializing in advertising online for both desktop and mobile users, LeadHax uses intricate targeting and data acquisition techniques to pinpoint potential real estate enthusiasts. Bay Area News Group, part of Digital First Media, is a prominent news and information source for the San Francisco Bay Area communities, reaching an audience exceeding 5 million through its diverse digital and print products.


LeadHax, a purveyor of numerous open house listings each month, sought to enhance their offerings by adding dynamic video content to their listings. The traditional approach, which included textual information and images, lacked the dynamism and interactive user experience that video could offer. Additionally, the inclusion of video content promised higher revenue potential. However, given the tight scheduling of real estate open houses and the instantaneous nature of the service required, traditional video production methods were not feasible both in terms of cost and time.


Collaborating with LeadHax and iPublish, VIDEOBOLT.COM devised a tailored, automated, data-driven video platform. Upon an agent's order for an open house listing, the integrated system facilitated an option to "Add a Video." Opting for this, iPublish would dispatch the order details to our API. Our system would then process this data, integrate the uploaded images, and promptly auto-generate a video, adhering to a pre-designed template that was aligned with LeadHax's branding. The final video, encompassing vivid images of the property, agent details, and vital open house information, would be delivered directly to LeadHax and the agent in mere minutes.


The integration of VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovative solution heralded a new era for LeadHax's open house listings. The majority of the listings were now accompanied by dynamic videos, enhancing the appeal for real estate agents. The users of LeadHax experienced a significant improvement in their interactions with the platform. Since the platform's launch, LeadHax has generated thousands of open house videos, a feat impossible without VIDEOBOLT.COM's automated system. The success was further extended when LeadHax decided to include new home listings to the mix.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's groundbreaking video solution has catapulted LeadHax's service offerings to new heights. The seamless integration, cost-effective production, and improved user experience have solidified the role of videos in open house listings, driving increased adoption and user satisfaction, and placing LeadHax at the forefront of real estate advertising innovation.

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