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Case Study: Transworld's Sales Strategy Reinvention


This case study outlines how VIDEOBOLT.COM, through its specialized AI video creation platforms, developed a customized solution for Transworld Business Advisors, enabling the creation of concise, professional, and engaging short-form videos that enhanced their business listing and exposure. This innovative solution allowed Transworld to overcome challenges related to cost, time, and consistency in video production, driving more engagement and helping businesses sell faster at higher prices.


VIDEOBOLT.COM specializes in offering industry-specific AI video creation platforms designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors, including Media, Finance, Hospitality, and Legal. Our platforms are customized for each client, ensuring seamless integration with marketing and communication processes and providing an evolved alternative to generic video platforms.

Company Background:

Transworld Business Advisors is a renowned entity facilitating the buying and selling of businesses. They play a crucial role for company owners looking to sell, helping locate and vet potential buyers, and assist buyers in evaluating potential businesses and franchises for sale.

The Problem:

Transworld aspired to utilize short-form videos to disseminate information about businesses for sale. However, traditional video creation methods proved to be expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome. They envisioned videos with a human element rather than being limited to text, images, and voiceovers.

The Solution:

VIDEOBOLT.COM conceptualized and created news-style videos, featuring professional on-camera talent narrating the story of the businesses for sale. These videos maintained confidentiality while providing sufficient information to attract potential buyers. Transworld brokers could conveniently order a video by sending us a link to the business listing on their website. Our team handled scriptwriting, shooting, and adding b-roll, ensuring each video was on-brand, legally compliant, and maintained a consistent look and feel. We also facilitated swift delivery, allowing videos to be posted immediately after a listing went live, significantly reducing the typical production time. The videos could be utilized across various platforms, enhancing their reach.


The innovative solution provided by VIDEOBOLT.COM allowed Transworld to leverage the extensive advantages of video communication, devoid of the traditional complications associated with video content creation. As a result, the businesses received extensive exposure and were sold faster and at better prices.


"VIDEOBOLT.COM helps Transworld's brokers stand out from our competitors and increase our call volume." - Andy Cagnetta, CEO, Transworld Business Advisors.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's personalized and efficient video creation platforms empowered Transworld Business Advisors to communicate more effectively, attract more potential buyers, and achieve superior results, underscoring the transformative potential of customized, professional video solutions in the business sales sector.

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