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Case Study: Douglas Elliman's Automated Video Creation


This case study explores how VIDEOBOLT.COM transformed the real estate marketing strategy of Douglas Elliman by providing an automated video creation platform. This innovative solution standardized the branding across thousands of listings, increased compliance with Fair Housing laws, and made video marketing accessible for every property, regardless of budget.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM specializes in crafting industry-specific AI video creation platforms that transcend the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Serving diverse sectors such as Media, Finance, and Real Estate, VIDEOBOLT.COM’s platforms are meticulously tailored to enhance and align with the unique marketing and communication strategies of each client.

Customer Profile: Douglas Elliman

Douglas Elliman stands as a preeminent residential real estate brokerage in the United States. Renowned for its passionate commitment to superior client experiences, the company's extensive knowledge and proficient team provide comprehensive services across sales, rentals, and new developments.


Douglas Elliman's vast network of over 6,000 agents faced a challenge in marketing homes online. The disparity in video quality, branding, and compliance from using numerous vendors led to inconsistencies and off-brand content. Moreover, the lack of adherence to Fair Housing regulations posed a risk of penalties, and the limited aspect ratio options restricted social media outreach. Only a mere 10 percent of listings had accompanying videos, predominantly due to prohibitive costs and protracted production times.


VIDEOBOLT.COM designed a bespoke automated platform enabling Douglas Elliman agents to effortlessly create branded videos in under 10 minutes. By integrating a listing API, agents could customize text and image selections, producing videos that were on-brand and compliant with regulations. Delivered in multiple aspect ratios along with a hosted landing page and embed code, the platform facilitated immediate, round-the-clock video generation. Douglas Elliman’s corporate-level investment in the platform drastically reduced the cost per video and allowed for seamless integration with the company's existing marketing automation tools through a custom REST API.

Douglas Elliman has achieved unparalleled consistency and quality in its marketing videos across all listings, enabling 100% video coverage. The platform’s efficiency has also expanded the use of videos for various promotional purposes. With over 125,000 videos generated, the service has been invaluable, especially for agents listing mid-range and lower-priced properties, democratizing access to high-quality video marketing tools.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's tailored video creation platform has been a game-changer for Douglas Elliman, ushering in a new era of marketing efficiency and brand cohesion. By facilitating the rapid production of affordable, branded videos, VIDEOBOLT.COM has not only enhanced Douglas Elliman’s marketing capabilities but also significantly improved their market penetration and agent empowerment. The success of this initiative highlights VIDEOBOLT.COM’s ability to deliver innovative, impactful video marketing solutions that can be scaled across large enterprises.

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