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Case Study: iPublish's Video-Driven Advertising Pivot


Video marketing is pivotal in today's fast-paced digital world. In this study, we unravel how VIDEOBOLT.COM's trailblazing solutions augmented iPublish Media Solutions' advertising platform, enabling them to furnish personalized video collateral to their vast network of newspaper partners, and bolster sales for their Facebook Targeted Obituaries product.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is at the forefront of video content creation, crafting bespoke AI-driven video platforms for diverse industries. With a mandate to redefine the conventional, the platforms are tailored to integrate seamlessly with clients' communication and marketing paradigms.

Customer Profile: iPublish Media Solutions

Celebrating 15 years of excellence, iPublish Media Solutions stands tall as the premier self-serve advertising platform connoisseur. Through relentless customer feedback and adapting to the publishing industry's evolving demands, they offer a white-label platform that empowers partners to vend an unparalleled array of DIY advertising products. Their legacy in streamlining costs and amplifying sales revenue has solidified their reputation.


iPublish, while distributing a Facebook Targeted Obituary product to a vast array of newspapers, grappled with the challenge of consistently marketing the product. They aspired to arm their newspaper affiliates with branded videos to magnify local sales. Ensuring uniform messaging across all their partners without compromising on individual branding was paramount. However, the daunting task of crafting personalized videos for their extensive network, compounded by a lack of in-house production expertise and potential high external production costs, presented a conundrum.


VIDEOBOLT.COM devised an ingenious strategy: a foundational video template paired with an automated data-driven platform tailored for iPublish. Whenever customization beckoned, an iPublish personnel would use an intuitive online form to input the newspaper's specific details. Within a span of mere minutes, a branded, personalized video would be crafted and dispatched to iPublish, ensuring brand fidelity and standardized messaging.


This streamlined approach enabled iPublish to cater to hundreds of their newspaper affiliates with precision-tailored videos. These partners, empowered by these videos, experienced a surge in engagement and sales for the Facebook Targeted Obituaries. Additionally, the gesture of offering these high-quality videos further solidified iPublish’s relationships with their partners, establishing them as not just a provider but a genuine ally in the quest for marketing excellence. The sales trajectory for the Facebook Targeted Obituaries witnessed a notable uptick, underscoring the potency of video-driven marketing strategies.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's innovation in video creation seamlessly integrated with iPublish's advertising platform, forging a symbiotic relationship that has transformed the way newspapers market products today. By offering swift, tailored, and effective video solutions, VIDEOBOLT.COM has reinforced the notion that with the right tools, marketing outreach can be revolutionized, driving sales and fortifying brand relations.

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