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Case Study: Hearst Newspapers' Custom Video Ad Solutions


This case study delves into the strategic partnership between VIDEOBOLT.COM and Hearst Newspapers, focusing on the innovative solution provided to overcome the challenge of creating affordable, high-quality video advertisements for small and medium local businesses. It illustrates the adaptability and efficiency of VIDEOBOLT.COM's AI video creation platform in meeting the unique advertising needs of Hearst Newspapers' clientele.

Company Profile: VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM is a pioneering provider of AI-driven video creation platforms catering to specific industry needs. With custom solutions for sectors like Media, Finance, and Legal, VIDEOBOLT.COM offers platforms that seamlessly integrate with a company's marketing and communication efforts, propelling them into the future of personalized video content.

Customer Profile: Hearst Newspapers

Hearst Newspapers, a prominent division within Hearst, operates a substantial network of daily and weekly newspapers, complemented by a suite of local digital marketing services. With a workforce of over 2,600 individuals, Hearst Newspapers reaches a vast audience, providing a crucial platform for local businesses to amplify their advertising impact.


Hearst Newspapers faced a unique challenge: their clientele of small to medium-sized local businesses was inexperienced with video advertising. While these businesses were accustomed to print and other traditional forms of advertising, they lacked the necessary video assets for modern video ad campaigns. Hearst Newspapers had resources for high-end production and tools for low-budget projects, but they required a middle-ground solution — affordable yet custom and professional-grade videos for businesses with modest budgets.


VIDEOBOLT.COM responded by equipping Hearst Newspapers with an intuitive web-based dashboard to streamline video orders. This platform enabled a straightforward submission process for sales representatives, minimally invasive in terms of time and training. Within one business day, scripts were prepared and returned for approval. Depending on client preference, VIDEOBOLT.COM provided professional on-camera spokespersons or voiceovers, along with custom motion graphics and b-roll footage. Videos were delivered in various aspect ratios within 3-5 business days. Additionally, VIDEOBOLT.COM supported Hearst with sales training and customized promotional materials to facilitate their interaction with potential advertisers.


VIDEOBOLT.COM’s approach effectively resolved Hearst Newspapers' threefold problem by:

- Offering an accessible, budget-friendly video production option for small business advertisers.
- Delivering high-quality video assets within a week, enabling prompt campaign launches and earlier billing cycles.
- Allowing for the timely creation of seasonal and short-term advertising content.

This solution not only broadened the range of businesses able to engage in video advertising but also significantly contributed to Hearst Newspapers’ revenue by enabling a faster turnaround.


The partnership between VIDEOBOLT.COM and Hearst Newspapers serves as an exemplary model of how flexible video advertising solutions can meet the evolving needs of a diverse business clientele. The rapid production of customized, cost-efficient video ads has proven instrumental in driving Hearst's incremental revenue growth. VIDEOBOLT.COM’s platform demonstrates that with the right tools, media companies can universally cater to clients across the budgetary spectrum, fostering broader participation in video advertising and enhancing overall market reach.

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