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VIDEOBOLT.COM Partners with Local Media Consortium to Optimize Video Creation

In an exciting development this September, VIDEOBOLT.COM is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC), bringing transformative video creation solutions to over 3,000 local news outlets, broadcasters, and online media represented by the LMC.

VIDEOBOLT.COM: Pioneering Customized Video Solutions

VIDEOBOLT.COM is a leading provider of industry-specific AI video creation platforms catering to various sectors including Media, Finance, Hospitality, Legal, Recruiting, Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Real Estate. Our platforms are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of each industry, offering a customized experience to integrate seamlessly with marketing and communication processes. VIDEOBOLT.COM enables organizations to move beyond generic video platforms, enhancing client relationships with personalized content, and streamlining communication processes swiftly and affordably.

Local Media Consortium: Empowering Local Media

The Local Media Consortium empowers local media entities by forming strategic partnerships with digital platforms and service providers, assisting them in reducing costs and increasing revenue through unparalleled deals and strategic negotiations with industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Monster. Representing over 3,000 news outlets, LMC simplifies access to partners and promotes prosperous collaborations through streamlined communications and negotiations.

Strategic Synergy for Enhanced Media Communications

This collaboration will enable LMC members to leverage VIDEOBOLT.COM’s video content creation services at preferential rates. VIDEOBOLT.COM will produce concise, impactful 1-minute video advertisements, allowing LMC members to either sell them to their advertisers or use them for editorial purposes. These videos, delivered within 3-5 business days, feature professional spokespeople or voiceover artists and include custom branding, script writing, and are tailored for business needs.

LMC members will have access to VIDEOBOLT.COM’s innovative Video Creator Platform to manage all video production projects, and the affordable pricing will allow them to offer video products to their advertisers at competitive rates.

A Gateway to Advanced Media Solutions

This partnership serves as a gateway for local media outlets to transform their text-based product data into consumer-centric product videos, educating clients and prospecting in a streamlined and intuitive manner. It aids in delivering an enhanced VIP experience, captivating audiences with personalized customer service videos, and facilitating engaging home listing videos for real estate businesses.

Mutual Growth and Expanded Outreach

The synergy between VIDEOBOLT.COM and the Local Media Consortium is set to offer a financial upside to LMC members, helping them save money, increase revenue, and grow audiences. This collaboration amplifies the business potential for both parties, promising easy access and fostering mutual growth and prosperity.

Experience the Revolution with VIDEOBOLT.COM

VIDEOBOLT.COM invites you to experience the revolution in video content creation and to explore the transformative potential of our proprietary technology. Elevate your business communication, and explore the myriad possibilities with VIDEOBOLT.COM.

This innovative partnership marks a new era in media communications, allowing local media to flourish and adapt in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

For more details, please visit VIDEOBOLT.COM and Local Media Consortium.

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